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Benny the gentle giant

Benny is a gentle giant who was rescued at Christmas time last year. Unfortunately he had been neglected and we were notified of his plight and asked if we could help him.

Last Wednesday we noticed Benny limping. By Thursday he wasn’t putting any weight on his back leg. We took him to the vet thinking perhaps he had pulled a muscle or sprained his foot.

As a caution it was thought best to xray Benny’s leg. Benny wouldn’t lay still enough for an xray so needed to stay for a couple of hours and be slightly sedated. It was a very anxious wait for this human to hear what could be wrong.

The diagnosis was terrible news. Cancer. To say it was a shock to find out Benny had cancer in his bone is an understatement.

Turns out the cancer has caused the bones in his leg to become so brittle they have broken and his leg will need to be amputated. It’s been very difficult to comprehend this news and absorb all of the information.

I have cried myself to sleep the last couple of nights and then woken up during the night worrying about Benny’s situation. At the moment the vet’s are unsure if the cancer has spread beyond his back leg but are fairly certain it hasn’t.

He is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow where I guess more information will be revealed. In the meantime we are showering him with love, thinking positive thoughts, being very thankful that we’ve been able to give Benny a second chance and hoping with all our heart tomorrow brings good news.

If you would like to help with Benny’s surgery costs we would be truly grateful.



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Sylvie and baby Jet

Sylvie was abandoned by her so-called family when they decided to move house and leave her behind (because some irresponsible humans think that living, breathing pets can be easily disposed of that way….)

Jet was dumped with three other siblings when he was only hours old (because some irresponsible humans will not desex their pets and think that living, breathing babies can be dumped as a way of disposing of them…)

Fortunately, for these two, their luck changed for the better! Sylvie is very happy to share parenting duties and loves giving baby Jet cuddles!

This week, we were very grateful to receive a donation of cat food from All Natural Petco. We had a lovely visit with Lidia, Helesha and all the wonderful team!



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