East had been found on the side of the road with blood on his face and hand. He was taken to Eastwood Vets where the wonderful team checked him over, dosed him up with medication and called us to book him in for a stay!!

It turns out the blood was coming from East’s nose. Any injury to an echidna’s nose can be detrimental as they rely on their nose to sniff out their food and then dig around in the ground to eat.

East had a nose bleed for quite a few days which did have us quite worried. It did eventually stop bleeding and after a few weeks of rest, he started to become quite active, giving us signs he was ready to leave.

He had been digging around in the loose bark in his enclosure but the real test was going to be whether he would manage to dig into the hard soil.

We chose a nice paddock for him to begin his journey back to freedom, a little unsure of how long we’d have to watch before he showed us he could dig and poke around with his nose.

No sooner had we placed him on the grass and he was happily digging, proving he was right to go.

True to form, East headed west, waddling into the sunset, without even a wave goodbye!!!


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