This kangaroo, who we named Buster Brown, came into our care on the 15th January. We had been called about him a couple of times previously but every time we went to find him, he had disappeared. He had been seen hopping and stumbling over but was proving to be quite elusive.

He was finally captured and came to us for assessment.

We surmised he had been hit by a car and had acquired a head injury along with superficial injuries to his body.

The first few weeks with us he was having trouble with balance and was stumbling. For quite a while he had a head tilt and would often lose his balance.

After six months of being in our care we were finally able to return this determined fellow to his home.

We were happy to wave goodbye as he confidently hopped off, never looking back!

We rescue over 2,000 animals a year and sadly only a small percentage are returned to their wild home.

Long term patients like Buster Brown are provided with medications and feed while they are with us. These costs are not government funded and don’t magically get paid! It is through our constant fundraising that we can help these animals.


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