Animal Rehabilitation


What we do

We are the people who are up out of bed at 3am to feed 6 orphaned eastern grey kangaroo joeys, to attend to a severely injured wombat on the side of a country road and the people who have set up an aviary in their backyard to care for sick or injured birds.

Our team are experts in rehabilitating and caring for any animals that have been injured, orphaned or effected by abuse and neglect. We work closely with councils, rescue centers, local vets and other local authorities to help as many different animals as possible.

Our goal is to provide a habitat for these animals as close as possible to their natural environment while they recover, prior to releasing them back into the wild or re-homing domestic animals.

How you can help

There are many expenses involved with the running of Wala Animal Sanctuary. As a registered charity, we rely on help from volunteers and from donations.

Not only do we need an endless supply of food for all of the hungry animals ; fresh hay is always needed for sleeping quarters. Then there are the surprise expenses such as vet bills, shelter and enclosure repairs and other property maintenance issues that come with housing curious, adventurous animals.

Every dollar donated is gratefully received, and goes 100% toward the health, safety and happiness of the animal residents of Wala Animal Sanctuary.

What to do

  • If you can safely take injured animals to your nearest vet please do so, as injured animals will require urgent vet assessment. If you can please also call Wala to let us know which vet you’ve taken the animal to so we can follow up with vet to bring the animals into care when they are ready.
  • Do not approach injured snakes, flying-foxes, large macropods, raptors or monitors as these must be rescued by trained specialists, for these species please call Wala first for rescue assistance.

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