Bushfire Rescue


What we do

During bushfires Wala Animal Sanctuary is on standby to get onto fire grounds when the Country Fire Authority declares the area safe.

If the fire service finds a native animal during a bush fire and it requires care, Wala Animal Sanctuary steps in to give it the best chance of survival possible.

Following a bush fire, many surviving wild animals may be injured or orphaned. Most will be displaced and looking for food and shelter. Because they have lost their habitat and are disorientated, they are often subject to secondary incidents such as predators or road strike.

How you can help

In the event of a bushfire we are often contacted by members of the public to offer their help directly in the rescue of wildlife. Although these offers are appreciated it is necessary for our rescuers and carers to be trained and licenced before they are able to do this safely.

Therefore only appropriately trained members are authorised to carry out emergency wildlife rescue and care activities and even they must not enter fire areas until authorised to do so by local Fire Control Officers.

You can however keep an eye out on our facebook page where we will post any additional requirements we have at the time including towels, water containers, large cages etc.

What to do

  • Take domestic animals with you if you evacuate or keep cats indoors and dogs under control wherever possible so that wildlife can flee safely through your yard if needed.
  • Leave out bowls of water for animals and birds escaping fires, use shallow bowls with a few sticks or stones on one side to allow smaller animals to escape if they fall in.
  • Keep a cardboard box and towel in the boot of your car in case you find an injured animal that you can safely contain without putting yourself in any danger.
  • If you rescue an animal that has been burnt, do not attempt to feed it, please wrap it loosely, ideally in 100% cotton fabric, place it in a ventilated box with a lid and keep it in a dark, quiet place whilst waiting for a rescuer or for transport to the nearest vet.
  • If you can safely take injured animals to your nearest vet please do so, as injured animals will require urgent vet assessment. If you can please also call Wala to let us know which vet you’ve taken the animal to so we can follow up with vet to bring the animals into care when they are ready.
  • Do not approach injured snakes, flying-foxes, large macropods, raptors or monitors as these must be rescued by trained specialists, for these species please call Wala first for rescue assistance.

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